The Watt, A Unit of Political Power Too: An Archive & Sampler

Alan Watt has produced an enormous record of political and social analysis.  His is a perspective that, acceptable to you or not, must be considered.  (Nota bene: This is Alan Watt, not Alan Watts, with an ‘s‘.)  I am providing a growing archive–or a sampler–for those of you who are not familiar with this commentator.  Shamefully, I will presume to briefly summarize and, yes, provide a bit of commentary on the commentary, just to help with the indexing for you.  Also, Mr. Watt, in some of his videos or podcasts, expresses his credence in chemtrails whose purpose is other than weather modification.  I am open to the argument, but am not yet convinced.  Regardless of the merit of this particular hypothesis espoused rather fervently by Mr. Watt, I find his social, political and historical meta-narrative to be profoundly consistent with observations.  Everyone deserves to have one or two clunker ideas, if that should be what the chemtrail story turns out to be.

Another meta-narrator is David Icke.  He presents matters in an even more dramatic terms, including fantastical references to “reptilian” actors that have insinuated themselves into human history.  It is not clear if this is an ironic gimmick, if it is considered to be a coded, satirical term intended to represent a particular group of elites, or if this notion represents a serious conviction on the part of Mr. Icke.  Yet another hypothesis, and one which cannot be ruled out for Mr. Watt, is that presumptive elites hide their actions in broad daylight by fully explaining their plans via a narrative that is presented in popular terms, but with the addition of a discrediting idea to enable the ridiculing of the whole package, and by implication its adherents, as “conspiracy nuts.”

Alan Watt’s principal topic is that of the existence of a longstanding program of consolidation and centralization of power and world governance.  He calls the listener to recognize that this is a sophisticated system that makes use of all the tools of scientific–especially neurophysiological, psychological and communications research–to progressively achieve passivity and compliance among the world populations.

(1) In this video-podcast, Mr. Watt highlights the role played by organizations that are external to governmental hierarchies, but that subvert and invisibly supplant the storefront face of government.

(2) This next selection, “Alan Watt & Thomas Sheridan on the Music Industry & Culture Creation – Reality Bytes Radio – 19/1/15”, is a three-way discussion of the destructive nature of modern music.  It be found in the following playlist:

This following gem has a talk at University of California at Berkeley by Aldous Huxley in the second half of the video entitled “Alan Watt – Mass Mind Control (Includes 1962 Aldous Huxley Talk at Berkeley Uni.) – April 15, 2006″.  A transcript of this talk by Huxley, which he entitled, The Ultimate Revolution,” can be found here:

Huxley, the author of Brave New World, discusses the use of non-violent, mind-conditioned  techniques of bringing about a totalitarian system (which he advocated), as opposed to the more violent discussed in George Orwell’s 1984. Huxley also discusses the use of  20-60-20 rule of hypnotically suggestible, partially suggestible and refractory to persuasion.  Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon, claims to be a student of hypnotism and persuasion, that is modern demagoguery.  Here is Watt and Huxley in the above-named podcast from the playlist:

In this selection, Watt discusses the pattern tyranny by which power solidifies its rule.  His analysis is beautiful.  I would only warn the listener or reader to keep from despair:

Here’s the transcript:

Here is the way to the video:

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