Notes: The Brain as Its own Psychiatrist

A classical psychiatrist, before the age of pure psychopharmatherapeutics, might employ various combinations of cognitive or pharmacological tools for patients–and much less frequently, thankfully, electroconvulsive shocks or psychosurgery.

Much concern is generated every time there is a prominent event in the news of a person, undergoing treatment with psychophamaceuticals, who becomes violent and homicidal.

Much has been discussed among the mental health community regarding the adverse and long-term effects of drug therapy for mental illness, particularly for treating even mild and reactive forms of depression (as in the latter case are due to unpleasant events in the patient’s life history).

Beyond the bondage of superficiality.  Life is about integrating factual information with affective experience. your emotional palette, in order to create, narrate, author your life.  That is what life is about.  Chemically short cutting your emotional response with anti-depressants is not helpful in the long run, though many physicians, who are simply co-dependent enablers, encourage the magic-pill approach.

I am offering here, another approach.  To begin, you need to learn to step outside of the emotional reaction that you are having.  the emotional reaction if merely the warning light in your cockpit–that is your aware, experiencing, conscious mind.

Learn, like a pilot, to turn off the alarm after you are aware of the situation.  The alarm no longer provides any further information.

Being on anti-depressants takes you out of the pool of candidates who can effectively process political information, as does marijuana.

“Colored Lights!  Visual vitamins,” see companion article.

Continuous vs. discrete; analog vs. digital; waves vs. particles; white vs. “pure” color bands; Spectra vs. spikes; position vs. velocity;


Twitter Comment I Happened Across:

“Communist Goal #38: Transfer some powers of arrest from police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders.”

To which I would correct and further enhance:  Transfer powers of arrest to social agencies, drug as many as possible with mood stabilizing SSRIs, and mow down the rest by treating the remaining healthy, outstanding, adaptive behaviors as problematic.

Furthermore, government agencies are testing grounds for selecting and shaping (mostly by flattening) human beings into compliant, emotionless, “fleshy robots” lacking in principles.


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