UPCOMING: Architecture and Infrastructural Growth for Health, Sanity & Societal Well-being

People need completely different homes, civic spaces and workplaces.  This is about the creation of places of virtue.

People need hobbies, workshops, home libraries and studies in their residences.

Parishes should each have a library, regardless of its utilization in numbers.  The value of a library cannot be measured in numbers egalitarian terms.

Children and parents need quiet for reflection, contemplation, reading, engagement in creative activity–people need to be prompted by boredom to provoke good activities.

Embrace boredom!

Do not resort to the mental junk food of TV, we need physical spaces for mental and physical activity.

Too much emphasis is placed on exercise and brutish athletic activity, gymnasiums, etc.  This does not lead to creative engagement of body and mind–not does passive consumption liking spectator sports.

Walking, a little swimming or light sports is all that is needed.  Hobbies create more health than strenuous exercise and do so by maintaining moderate physical activity and mental happiness.  A person has a mission, a purpose.

We need a rootedness–fairly stable–in the space around us, as well as its artifacts.  It may be your horse pasture, your tool shop, your garage for working on you car, or your library and study.

Spaces for passive entertainment are too often exaggerated at the expense of the virtuous places that I mentioned.


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