UPCOMING: Doctor’s Orders: Expressivity and Play

Play is essential: it does not require goal directed attention, thus, there is no failure.  this is critical when learning something complex, like playing a musical instrument, woodworking, or doing differential equations.  One must have fun at every step and derive pleasure from tiny successes.  Those successes build exponentially.

Once people get in a bad way, psychically, there is a devilish tendency to reject what they need most.  Friends can help invite them to co-play and to express themselves.

Too much instrospection in therapy is not likely to be useful, in my opinion.  It leads to an endless fractalization of detail that becomes an immense root-like structure of causality that cannot be disentangled–and should not be.  the big, superficial patterns of family history, etc. are all that is necessary–and not for the purpose of retroactively fixing, which cannot really be done to any extent.  Just knowing that information is sufficient for the brain to chart new courses of thought and action that avoid old mistakes or injuries.

Too many physicians prescribe anti-depressants (SSRIs) for life crises.  I cannot exclude this option categorically, but I would say that the less this is done the better, and the patient and the physician should be in a frequent dialogue about reducing dosage in a rational and recommended fashion.  These drugs have serious long term consequences in many people–perhaps all.

Spiritual reading beginning with biblical texts and secondary spiritual classics have proven enormously helpful.  So does good classical literature, poetry, ancient virtue literature, even some mythology for its literary effect.  Music and fine art.  There are many books with photographs of great works of art if museums are not readily available.

Writing is a whole topic in itself.

Do not try to hide the different parts of your life, integrate!








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