UPCOMING: Pseudo-innovation and the Destruction of Genuine Creativity and Efficiency.

The Word program that I was using in the mid-to late 1980s to write my dissertation was a perfectly handy instrument then, and would be now if we could jump back thirty years.  I used both IBM PCs as well as the Apple machines for different aspects of the work, with most of the final writing and editing happening on the latter.  When I discuss the matter with my friends from graduate school, we are agreed, we wish we has the features of those machines back again.  It was as though each successive generation of software and machine have each represented giant declines in the original utility of computing.

Perhaps the high, I mean low, state of devolution so far is that work of pure human ugliness and torture called “Windows 10.”  This was something that was to grow on the user.  I must admit, people were generally correct- when they said this of shoes “breaking in, or acquiring a taste for a new beer or coffee.  I have never seen this realized for this thing, Windows 10.


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