Visit, a Developing Specialty Initiative of The Second Society Project

The Second Society Project, the website you are currently visiting, is intended to be the theoretical, speculative and philosophical home of a realm of sites with particular, practical foci.    The first of these practical sites is entitled:  There I will be adding articles, blogs and video live streaming material.  With the shutting down of as a hosting platform, I will be posting existing and future video productions of mine on another site.

The first two video lectures, if you will, that are slated to appear here are “Alasdair MacIntyre’s Dependent Rational Animals and an Elaborated Notion of Conversation in Governance,” and “Richard Rorty’s Pragmatism and What Is Happening in the World Now.”

At, I will be posting my earlier video, “An Introduction to Mobbing” and a follow up video, “Mobbing as a Tool of the Bureautyranny.”

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