How Not to Have a Conversation: Cathy Newman Abuses Good-faith Thought and Attempted Discussion in Her Interview of Jordan B. Newman

The thirty-minute video in question is, for your convenience, here:

In the video below, Milo Yiannopoulos accurately identifies one disingenuous tactic of the Left, specifically, when losing an argument or unable to sustain oneself in a conversation–Leftists, pseudo-intellectuals and mediocre authoritarians “dial 911” and accuse their interlocutors of inciting violence.  This is pure misdirection and displays just why the Left is so dangerous and must be treated as such.  Throughout history, these control freaks will–once empowered–stop at nothing to destroy or even kill those who do not accept their distorted claims and lies.

A further phony tactic mentioned by Milo–particularly of fake journalists–is to refer without citation to what one suspects a null set of individuals who are “raising concerns” and “who are alarmed.

For some of my thoughts on conversation, here are two links to other articles here.

Education as Conversation



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