The Great Conversation: Kevin MacDonald and E. Michael Jones Join David Schmitt, November 8, 2021

Welcome to the long-awaited, first-time, face-to-face discussion occurring on November 8, 2021 between Kevin MacDonald and E. Michael Jones, along with host, David Schmitt.  The former two have been extremely important to many of us as we probed below the superficial narratives into which we had been indoctrinated.

The participants in this video agreed to a conversational style which–as you will see–proved extremely productive.  

Progress was made regarding the quesion of whether behavioral determinism is implicit in Kevin’s view of race and ethnicity.  The longstanding view of Michael that race does not exist and that it is merely a category of the mind was contrasted with a consideration of phyletic relationships so familiar to biologists and necessary for organizing and making sense of Nature.  

The claim that language is a primary feature that distinguishes ethnic groups–or racial groups–was compared with a description of human life in all of its levels of organization, from genetics to the specific neuroculture which human beings–by means of their sensory-motor loop–create, and in which they exist, and which they require for flourishing.  The concept of a neuroculture offers a foundation for appreciating and justifying racial and ethnic interests.  These are principles which, if understood properly, can be applied to the protection of the interests and dignity of any and all ethnic groups.

Lastly, the participants barely–but appetizingly–opened the topic of the mind-brain “opportunity.”  This is a culminating issue in the philosophy of mind and consciousness and has pivotal importance for practically dealing racial differences on a political level.  Closely related to this is the urgent need for our societies to confront openly, honestly, rigorously and courageously, the reality of human differences in intelligence—and to do so with respect and charity.

Implicit in this place setting for a conversational feast is the host’s indefatigable conviction that purported dichotomies of science and faith, the temporal and the and spiritual, the material and the informational, as well as the political and the religious, are lazily-fashioned, destructive and false dichotomies.  

As a principle by which many issues are examined and solutions are sought after and applied, the term ‘phronesis’ was introduced into the discussion.  Phronesis is the integration of theory and practice that characterizes wise, virtuous and efficacious action derived from sound rationality.  This combination is essential for righteously progressing in our cause.  Overemphasis on analysis or action alone, to the exclusion of the other, leads to either contention and paralysis or haphazard and dissipative bumbling.  

I have chosen for this November 30, 2021 debut because of the profound respect that I have for the leadership, talent and work of founder, Andrew Torba, as well as the efforts of all of the Gab community in the vision to rebuild a new society.  The Gabbers were on to “building back better” years long before the globalist Schwabians mouthed their cynically-construed slogan and the Gabbers did so in a way that has been–and will surely will continue to be–profoundly authentic, wholesome and integral.

I also plan to post at other video platforms to make these conversations even more widely available. For more stimulating topics and conversation, please visit websites of the participants: Culture Wars (Jones), The Occidental Oberver (MacDonald) and, here, The Second Society Project (Schmitt).    

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