The Second Society Project site is an ambitious attempt to provide a comprehensive forum for the revitalization of human culture by the revitalization and edification of individuals primarily through the power of conversation, not argument.

Sometimes a website is really—just a website.  But we work well when we think in metaphors, similes and analogies.  In this vein, it is hoped that The Second Society Project site will develop in ways that function as a community, a place of respite, a castle, a library, a university and–my favorite–a tavern.   As The Second Society Project in name, a URL was secured through the wonderful people at WordPress in 2014, though it existed in more amorphous versions for roughly two decades.   The technology advanced in timely fashion in all of the necessary ways though the hesitant preparation of this author continued its plodding pace.

Topics to be entertained here are broad, as would be expected of a place that imagines that it could become a type of university. Clearly, this can only be accomplished as talented contributors, readers, professors and intellectuals come to participate.

Personal interests that I hope to write about and some of which I have already contributed original thought and work are the following, sometimes intersecting, topics.  These I will put in categories–or following the university theme–departments.  I hope these and other departments will be populated by other contributors. I have also thrown in some article topics into the list below.  (This page is a rough draftiness.  You never know where those breezes will blow.)

  • evolution of the vertebrate nervous system and its practical implications
  • mind-brain philosophy & the quantum brain
  • a physics and biology of consciousness, intelligence and semantics
  • ethnicity, race and nationalism
  • bureaucracy, tyranny and conversation
  • the philosophy of Alasdair MacIntyre
  • A critique of philosopher, Richard Rorty
  • new directions in studying water contamination
  • de-masculinizing and carcinogenic toxins in drinking water
  • new systems for governance & bureaucracy
  • exposing government corruption
  • identifying and correcting workplace and organizational mobbing
  • watching developments in the game theory of sex: repronomics (or sexonomics if you want to, literally, sex up the title)
  • animal orientation and navigation
  • animal aggression, human aggression and politics
  • spinal cord neural networks and gait
  • innovation, inventing and entrepreneurship
  • student testing and grading
  • sleep: theory and practical issues
  • secondary sexual behaviors and ethnicity
  • religion & culture
  • Neuropop literature
  • neuropathology & psychiatry
  • themes and twists in literature, movies and art
  • conversation, itself
  • forensic debate and organizational decision making
  • European pre-history and mythology
  • various topics in physiology, medicine and biology
  • controversies and ideas in philosophy of law and jurisprudence
  • systems of defamation, disparagement & abuse: mobbing and the murder of reputations

I have my work cut out for me, no–“we” have our work cut out for us.

May you be duly inebriated.  I’m buying.




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